The future of past news: Archiving online news

  • Mark Graham, director of the WayBack Machine, explained the “Save Page Now” option on its new browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The extension also allows to scroll back through older versions of the same page — all in one click.
  • Art Pasquinelli introduced the open-source program LOCKSS, which is based on the principle that “lots of copies keep stuff safe.”
  • Ilya Kreymer and Anna Perricci demonstrated recording online news sites with Webrecorder, which can also capture interactive, video and audio news content.
  • Will Crichton presented a demo of Esper, a new tool he is developing — based on the content of the Television Archive at the IT — which enables retrieval of search results by the content of the video (and not just metadata, the description and the title of the video).



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