• Richard Tofel

    Richard Tofel

    president of ProPublica, former newspaper and foundation exec, sometime author, always Yankee fan

  • Braden Goyette

    Braden Goyette

    Front page editor at the Huffington Post. Formerly: New York Daily News, ProPublica, The Nation

  • Eva Kozanecka

    Eva Kozanecka

    Creative Director, Filmmaker. Currently @Google. Ex @MuseumModernArt @JWTNewYork

  • IU InformaticsAlumni

    IU InformaticsAlumni

    Seeking to keep Indiana University School of Informatics Alumni connected. Go IU!

  • Jui Sarwate

    Jui Sarwate

  • Caleb Harshberger

    Caleb Harshberger

  • Michael R. Hall

    Michael R. Hall

    Senior Digital Media Executive and Business Leader. Currently: Director of NESN.com. Previously: ABC; ESPN; MIT.

  • Chang Dae Ham

    Chang Dae Ham

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